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Firefly Cinema and Maxx Digital join forces to introduce FireDay to the US market at NAB 2015

Costa Mesa, California - April 10, 2015 - French software developer Firefly Cinema is announcing a strategic partnership with Maxx Digital, a California-based solutions integrator, to market and sell FireDay, an innovative digital dailies and color grading workflow solution.

During NAB, Maxx Digital will be showcasing at their booth (SL 13007) a comprehensive on-set digital dailies workflow powered by FireDay, using content shot on RED Digital Cameras, from ingest to post. "Maxx Digital is excited to work with Firefly Cinema and to bring to the US market this new solution, that is already well established in Europe," said Ron Amborn, President of Maxx Digital.

"Partnering with Maxx Digital will allow us to expand our customer base in the Americas," added Philippe Reinaudo, CEO of Firefly Cinema. "We are delighted to work with Ron and his team and value their deep experience in servicing production professionals."

FireDay is a user-friendly Mac OSX desktop solution for Digital Image Technicians and Assistant Cameraman. It supports all major camera formats with color-grade and playback of files in their native format and multiple format conversion. FireDay features file back-up, metadata management, audio synchronization, LUTs management including ACES and high end color grading tools.

FireDay has been used by camera crews in Europe on more than 130 feature films, including Sundance Film Festival's award winning opening film, The Summer of Sangaile and the latest movie from Roman Polanski, Venus in Fur. Firefly has a partnership with Panavision France since 2012.

To learn more about FireDay at NAB and schedule a demo, contact sales@fireflycinema.com.

About Firefly Cinema - Booth SU 6214
Firefly Cinema is a French company founded in 2010 by Philippe Reinaudo and Luc Guenard. Firefly Cinema develops cutting-edge color grading and finishing software solutions to manage the complete pipeline of a motion picture production, from on-set digital dailies to post-production. Prior to founding Firefly Cinema, Philippe and Luc worked as CTO and Head of R&D respectively at one of the world's leading digital cinema laboratories, Paris-based Éclair Lab. Visit www.fireflycinema.com for more information.

About Maxx Digital - Booth SL 13007
Founded in 2000 by Ron Amborn, Maxx Digital specializes in production and post-production solutions for the media and entertainment market. Focusing on customers' needs and providing great customer service and support has helped Maxx Digital grow to the reputable organization it is today. Maxx Digital is located in Costa Mesa, CA. Visit www.maxxdigital.com for more information.

For PR and Sales inquiries:

Firefly Cinema
Christiane Ducasse
Sales & Business Development
Tel.: 310-435-4063

Maxx Digital
Devon Cook
Sales and Workflow Specialist
Tel.: 714-580-2263

Helio Collective Gets It Done With Maxx Digital

We move lots of media at Helio Collective, and could not do it without the amazing support we receive from the guys at Maxx Digital.  At any one time we have around three to six projects in post, and that requires super efficient data handling.  90% of what we shoot is in Redcode Raw, we have tons of transcoding to do which can be painfully time-consuming.  However, our two new Maxx Digital Thunderbolt RedRockets have reduced transcode times by up to 95%, which is huge for us.  This frees up incredibly valuable time that our post team can devote to so other creative projects. Thanks to our Maxx Digital Final Share System this work is seamlessly passed from artist to artist, enabling incredibly agile collaboration with a high degree of speed and safety.  With two of the most significant stumbling blocks of post production out of the way, we're steadily finishing projects much sooner,  more successfully executing creative work, and most importantly expanding our client base. We really appreciate the high level of professional service from Ron Amborn and the Maxx Digital team.

Ian Johnson
Helio Collective

Thunderbolt RedRocket


Ketch Rossi's Epic Visit!

Ketch Rossi' Epic M8

Everyone here at Maxx Digital would like to thank Ketch Rossi, from Ketch Rossi Studios, for stopping by with his Epic M8.

Del Weston talks about Maxx Digital

Action on Film

It's been an exciting year at Action on Film. We've had several outstanding opportunities present themselves. We realized that if we wanted to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the requirements and deadlines, we had to change our infrastructure/workflow - quickly. Maxx Digital started working with us IMMEDIATELY and had us running optimally well within a week of first contact. Using their Final Share product, we turned our heavy duty standalone workstations into a shared storage network that allows multi-users and multi-tasking. Our productivity has risen significantly. Most importantly, we've gained a partner that is ready to help us grow and expand. We can't recommend Maxx Digital highly enough.

Del Weston
AOF Channel



Maxx Digital is proud to provide our Evo4K direct attached storage for RED DIGITAL STUDIOS Hollywood. Click to Enlarge

LA REDuser Group

Maxx Digital was happy to participate in the LA REDuser group on October 16th. You can now see the video of the discussion's by following this link LA REDuser Group YouTube Channel

Biscardi Creative Celebrates Grand Opening of Their New Facility

Biscardi OpeningGwinnett County, Metro Atlanta, Georgia (March 5, 2011) – Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) celebrated the grand opening of its new 6,000 square-foot production studio and digital media fulfillment house tonight. The event brought over 200 industry professionals together to share in the expansion of both company and industry in the Metro Atlanta region. The expansion, announced last July in partnership with Gwinnett Chamber economic development, demonstrates an increasing trend for digital entertainment growth in Georgia.

Located in Buford, Georgia, this new building features eight edit suites, color enhancement suite, 5.1 surround mix suite, client theater, game room, kitchen, conference room, a 1,400 square foot multi-use room and over an acre of open wooded area for employees and their pets to roam.

“Our new facility provides more convenience and the space needed as our business continues to grow,” said Walter Biscardi, Jr. Creative Genius of Biscardi Creative Media. “The property is in an ideal location, providing our team with access to a great quality of life environment near big-city amenities. Not to mention a relaxing alternative for our clients just a short drive north. You usually don’t find a facility situated on nearly 2 acres backing up to nature. We think we’ve found the perfect creative location and we’re thrilled to be staying in Buford and Gwinnett County.”

Gretchen Corbin, Deputy Commissioner for Global Commerce at the Georgia Department of Economic Development added, “The digital entertainment industry is absolutely booming in Georgia. It's great that Biscardi Creative is growing here and we hope it continues to do so for a long time to come."

Recognized as a top professional in the world of media creation, Walter Biscardi, Jr., leads Biscardi Creative to not only meet, but exceed consumer expectations. Emmy-award winning programming, episodic television, commercials, feature films and corporate presentations are some of the projects Biscardi Media brings to the screen every day. Leading the way in High Definition, BCM supports all formats from DV to HD to RED 4k in-house. Since 2001, BCM has consistently achieved regional and national award-winning recognition, including five TELLY awards in 2008 for editing and production work in animation and over a dozen Emmy Awards in the company’s history.

Digital media is one of five targeted industries in Partnership Gwinnett, the community and economic development initiative led by the Gwinnett Chamber, to bring jobs and investment to the Greater Atlanta region. In April 2010, the Gwinnett Chamber released its first–ever digital entertainment white paper, touting the emerging mega-industry in metro Atlanta and the State of Georgia.

“Biscardi’s expansion is a classic example of the type of growth digital entertainment businesses can experience in Gwinnett,” commented Shirley Lasseter, Vice Chair for Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. “And with technology being one of Partnership Gwinnett’s target industries, we consider this growth to be more than just positive economic news; it’s a strategic win for our community’s long-term vision.”

“The City of Buford embraces this ‘creative class’ company, which fits in with the quality of life we strive to provide,” said Buford City Manager Bryan Kerlin. “The momentum we’ve created in our historic downtown is spreading to other areas of the city. We’re happy they chose to locate here.”

Nicole Wright, technology business development manager for the Gwinnett Chamber, said, “Biscardi’s expansion in Gwinnett adds tremendous value to an already stellar industry of digital media and application in Gwinnett and Georgia. It is both a testament and tribute to the claims of growth and sustainability that the white paper shares about this industry.” For further information on Biscardi Creative Media, please visit www.biscardicreative.com.


The Foundry: STORM

The Foundry Logo


Jade Productions

Maxx Digital helped George, founder and owner of Jade Prodtions, develop his 3D workflow. Click to Read the story.

LA REDuser Group

Maxx Digital was happy to participate in the LA REDuser group on October 16th. You can now see the video of the discussion's by following this link LA REDuser Goup You Tube Channel

JJ Abrams and Undercovers

LightIRON Digital's new Li OUTPOST cart, powered by Maxx Digital, is on set of Undercovers, JJ Abrams new project. Michael Cioni wrote, "Light Iron is happy to be working on Undercovers with DT Brian Udoff who is manning one of our onset processing laboratories, Li OUTPOST. We make 2D and 3D versions of the system which are in use of a number of file-based projects across the globe with 32TB SAS raids custom built by the experts at MAXX Digital."
To read the entire thread click here

Evo4K on the Set of Atlas Shrugged

4K Bigfoot Cart Von Thomas is utilizing Maxx Digital's Evo4K's speed and reliability on the set of Atlas Shrugged, the movie adaptation of Ayn Rand's epic novel. In collaboration with Michael Cioni and his team over at LightIRON, Von Thomas is using Maxx Digital's DIT Cart to allow him to have all the power of a Mac Pro connected to high performance storage. The Evo4K is a RAID 5, 16 drive array able reach speeds of 700 MB/sec read and 800 MB/sec writes.

Mobile Rocket On Set with Realtime Playback!

Mobile Rocket on set of Dockers Super Bowl Project Christopher Karcher from Emota is one of the most recent Mobile Rocket owners. The day he received his Mobile Rocket he ran off to the set of a new Dockers project. He was happy to share this picture onset and cited “the Mobile Rocket worked great overall. We were able to review footage and grade with [the] client in real time :)” To see Christopher's work the project launches live on Dockers website, www.dockers.com, for their Super Bowl ad (2nd quarter). Also visit www.emota.com for other Christopher Karcher projects.


Mobile Rocket at RED Day Maxx Digital was proud to have our Mobile Rocket featured at the latest RED event this past Saturday, where Jim Jannard announced that RED purchased Ren-Mar studios!
Adam Wilt wrote:
On Saturday 16 January, RED hosted three open-house sessions in Hollywood, for CML (cinematography mailing list) members, ASC (American Society of Cinematography) members, and for RED ONE owners. I attended the CML session, and here’s a quick writeup on what we learned. [updated 10:15pm PST: M-X performance details]
The sessions were held at Ren-Mar studios in downtown Hollywood. RED Leader Jim Jannard started off the presentation by announcing that RED had acquired Ren-Mar, closing the deal that very Friday—so that we were, in fact, holding the meeting in RED Studios Hollywood.
RED will have a small office at Ren-Mar RED Studios, but the bulk of engineering and business will continue in Lake Forest for the time being. RED will keep operating the facility as a studio rental space, and will use RED Studios as a home in the heart of the production community, and as a handy facility for shooting tests (and perhaps more: there was no discussion of this, but if I were Jim, I’d want a studio to use my new cameras in. I wouldn’t be surprised to see RED take a more active role in making films, not just making cameras). Read On

Nick Kovacic from Digital Cave

Digital Cave The new year has brought us a new gift! We just received the first Mobile Rocket from Maxx Digital of Huntington Beach, CA. The mobile rocket has given us the ability to bring the Red Rocket on set using a laptop and one of our grading monitors playback .r3ds realtime and through rocketcine and apply one-light passes before the transcode. Just having the ability to set the one-lights to all the reels on set with the DP supervising is absolutely amazing!! But, that's not all the Mobile Rocket gives you all the benefits of the red rocket including the increased transcoding times, and the playback of 4K footage from a laptop.
First impressions:
Before the day began I installed all the necessary drives and firmware into my laptop make sure everything was working proper, and everything worked flawlessly. Only problem i had with the laptop red rocket combo was the dialog box that pops up initially on rocketcine launch warning that the rocket needs a 8x PCI to work properly, but the rocket works fine anyways. I just don't like the idea of having to explain what that dialog box means every time i fire up this rig for the DP.
Working on set:
The mobile rocket is durable, clean, and compliments a Mac Book Pro very well. The rubber feet on top the box provided a neat lift for your laptop to rest upon, and the Red Rocket badge on the front of the box is easily distinguishable as a Red product. All the necessary I/O is provided by Maxx to marry the computer to the mobile rocket to make a very well designed professional system. After setting up my 10 bit 1080p monitor to the provided red rocket HD-SDI BNC i took a step back and was just impressed with the presentation of the system, and how neat all the cables are streamline my new system looks.
Before lunch the gaffer was instructing his crew for the next setup; which gave me sometime to work with the DP on a few looks for reels that had been shot the previous day. Now i had a few minor issues with playback; when stopping a clip the frames would jump around the clip trying to find the last frame. Regardless this little hick up was not a big deal we applied one lights to 6 reels in 45 minutes; ready to transcode.
Nick Kovacic

Martin Jaeger with Geo Media

Geo Media Edit SuiteGeomedia, Inc. (geomedia.com) is a production, post and VFX company in San Antonio, TX. specializing in 3D animation and motion graphics. For years we've been looking into a SAN to streamline our workflow and increase efficiency. We researched many different solutions but complexity and cost were simply too high. Enter "Final Share" from Maxx Digital. This system offered expandable enterprise-class hardware, simple GigE networking and more than enough performance for our ProRes HQ and RED workflows. Maxx Digital pre-configured our system and performed on-site installation. Seeing the system play out 1080p ProRes HQ from 5 different Final Cut Suites simultaneously for the first time was a revelation! 6 editorial/graphics suites share the SAN directly and it is accessible to our production, audio and 3D departments over the LAN. No more sneakernet. No more hassles moving projects from room to room. Final Share is the perfect solution for Geomedia's mixed editorial and motion graphics environment. Service from Maxx Digital before and after the sale has been exceptional.
Geo Media LogoMartin Jaeger
Geomedia, Inc.
4242 Medical Dr, Suite 4200
San Antonio, TX 78229

Gary Adcock and Mac Professionals

Macprofessionals and independent consultant Gary Adcock have used the Evo2 HD to create the essential side of the RED workflow. Read More


Ketch Frame Studios

KETCH ROSSI from Ketch Frame Studios in Las Vegas has been chatting about the Evo2 on both the FredMiranda.com and RedUser.net forums. Check it out.


Jon Thorn with AJA

Jon Thorn, Product Manager for AJA Video Systems, took a moment to pose with the Maxx Digital Evo2 HD in the AJA booth at MacWorld. Jon has been using the Evo2 HD to playback 2K footage and display AJA products since NAB 2008. All of us at Maxx Digital would like to thank him for his support.


Black-Magic Design

Maxx Digital, a leading storage solutions provider for the data-intensive and high-performance digital media markets; recently announced that Blackmagic Design has certified the Maxx Digital EVO2 HD as a fully compatible solution with the entire line of Blackmagic video capture cards, which are widely used in the post production and television broadcast industries around the world. Specifically, the Maxx EVO2 HD is certified and compatible with the Blackmagic Design. The Maxx EVO2 HD can easily read and write 10 bit uncompressed HD files using the Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme. It is also capable of sustained play back of 2K files for feature film and Digital Intermediary work. Also, BlackMagic is currently using the Maxx Digital Evo2HD at several international trade shows . Overview: The Maxx Digital Evo2HD is an affordable and reliable solution for any work flow from standard definition up to 2K DPX files.
Black-Magic Design


D7 Studios

When Greg Jones and Cameron Roberts from D7 got together to shot a collaborative project, in 4K with the new Red Camera, they turned to the Evo for all of there storage needs. Playing back the footage on six 50-inch plasma screens which where juxtaposed in a vertical position provoided many challanges, but the Evo was there every step of the way. Read More


Walter Biscardi from the Creative Cow

The Creative Cow's own Walter Biscardi writes about his experience with Maxx Digital and the Evo2 HD. Read More


Shane Ross

The Creative Cows own Shane Ross writes about his experience with Maxx Digital and the Edit Vault on his Blog. Read More