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Red Rocket

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Red Rocket

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When looking for realtime 4K RGB playback and realtime R3D transcoding, the Red Rocket is the answer you've been waiting for.
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    Designed by RED for Mac, PC and Linux, RED ROCKET™ is the answer to prayers for realtime 4K RGB playback and realtime R3D™ transcoding. When RED burst onto the scene in 2007, realtime transcoding was possible only at a 6 figure cost. Today, for less than $5K, 4K footage is as easy to work with as HD. RED technology at its best. Affordable, no compromise solutions that continue to tear down the barriers of "what was" and make possible "what will be".

    RED ROCKET board with Quad DVI and Dual Link HD-SDI:

    • Decode and debayer 4K R3D files realtime. Hyper-accelerated transcode to any system codec.
    • Plays full quality realtime 4K to 4K monitor or projector from DVI output (requires RED BREAKOUTBOX).
    • Plays full quality 2K/1080P scaled from 4K footage out the Dual Link HD-SDI from REDRocket card.
    • Plays full quality 2K scaled from 4K footage realtime through system graphics card and monitor.