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Firefly Cinema

Firefly Cinema


Firefly Cinema
Collaborative Digital Dailies and Color Grading Workflow Solutions - From Set to Post
Firefly Cinema offers cutting-edge software solutions to manage the complete pipeline of a motion picture production, from on-set digital dailies to post-production.

FireDay provides a brand new workflow for managing digital dailies. With the advent of new cameras and new formats for file encoding, FireDay constitutes a technological revolution that simplified and optimized the management of digital rushes.

FireDay is a dailies software specially designed to meet the needs of laboratories and post houses.



These different functions radically simplify the management of digital dalies, from the shooting phase through to post-production.
FireDay enables each source to be converted into several output formats. FireDay has a fully editable "render tree" for rendering various versions of the same shot, with burn in, LUT, color correction, re-sizing, etc... The final rendering is done in the background.

FireDay also encompasses the management of audio synchronization, quality control, back up of metadata, multiple format conversions, and more.


Features :

Primary Color Grading
Secondary Color Grading
Color presets
Sync sound
Quality Control
R3D, Epic, ArriRaw, Dpx QT…
Extensive Metadata Support
Create dailies deliverables
Name by scene, take
Background Render


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