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Evo 6G 8 Bay

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The Evo 6G 8 Bay SAS Expander - It's Time to Upgrade to 6Gb Technology
The fastest performance for your growing business and studio environment.

 Maxx Digital's Evo 6G 8 Bay SAS Expander has all the features you enjoyed from the Evo 2K Expander with faster speeds. This unit is a tower-style enclosure sporting a smooth, modern design that complements any desktop workstation in style. Click Here for Hours per GB.
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  • Evo 6G 8 Bay
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    The Evo 6G 8 Bay
    For people who are looking for Direct Attached Storage with easy expansion and amazing performance their search is over. Maxx Digital has proudly come out with the new Evo 6G 8 Bay SAS Expander Unit. This tower unit is ideal for any business who needs the highest quality of data storage and performance. With the capability to be daisy chained with up to 15 other Evo 6G 8 Bay units, you can turn your 24TB storage into a massive 384TB beast.
    Using the best in PCI Express technology, we have designed the Evo 6G 8 Bay to excel at handling data transfer at speeds of 900MB/s. In combination with our Revo680 Controller Card, you can get more information to your processor without the lag. The Evo 6G 8 Bay is built to support DV, HDV, ProRes 422 Standard & ProRes 422 HQ, DVCPRO HD, HD 8-bit and 10-bit uncompressed, and Standard HD and Extra HD video modes such as 2k and 4k. This unit excels with any standard high-end creative software with no loss of transfer rates.
    Maxx Digital is known for studio solutions and the Evo 6G 8 Bay is no exception. In addition to speed and scalability, the Evo 6G 8 Bay is quiet. You can't help but notice the Evo 6G 8 Bay SAS Expander is designed with Silent Fan Technology, cutting out any mechanical noise and giving you the level of quiet ideal for the audio and video recording environment. Not only is this a useful new feature for your studio, the Silent Fan is also designed to be easily removable, making maintenance quick and field-replaceable.