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Bigfoot Mobile Systems

Maxx Digital is proud to carry the entire line of customizable Bigfoot Mobile Carts. Bigfoot design there carts to safely and easily transport any of your communication systems, portable production systems, audio or video systems, camera systems, audio/visual presentation systems, video conferencing systems, computers systems, and laptop components.

D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management) Cart

DAM Cart MAXX Digital is dedicated to blending Production and Post Production in an easy and seamless way. Key to this goal is our Digital Asset Management (DAM) Cart, bringing security and ease to onset equipment. Completely customizable, your DAM Cart can be equipped to do everything from transcoding to color correcting and finishing onset.
Review your RAW files on set and determine if you're ready to move to the next setup
Color correct and cut RAW files on set
Secure your Digital Negative with RAID 5 storage and LTO-5 backup
Provide a transcoding and processing Lab
RAW files leave the set ready for editing
Deliver on set dailies in multiple formats
Individually built to fit your needs
Standard Cart Setup:
Ruggedized 4-wheel, 14 Rack u's cart
Mac Pro Shelf
Flip up Monitor Top with Monitor Mount
Two Flip up side panels
Cart Coat
Standard Equipment:
LTO-5 Tape Drive
UPS Battery Backup
GUI Monitor
Package Price: $18,499

All-in-one Presentation Systems

Presentation System Outdoor System Display Cart
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Road Case

Our NEW! roll in Road Case provides a whole new concept in the transportation and set up of electronics systems. With our design, the hard wheeled, traditional style road case for shipping our mobile carts is achieved, but allows the carts to come out become a multi-user work station as well as effortlessly go places no hard wheeled road case can easily go. Not only that, Bigfoot will create a much safer carrier for all your expensive gear.
Road Case 1 Road Case 2 Road Case 6
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Compact Single or Multi-User Workstation

With our engineering staff we can help you through any hurdles you may have as well. Your equipment will be neatly and efficiently housed providing compact workstations for operators and technical staff. With all the newly designed, innovative and compact products available for 19” rack spacing and mounting, there has never been a better time to design or redesign a flexible, and/or convenient mobile, portable system.
Multiple User Cart
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Optimize Space

The normal space that your system requires in an office setting often requires desk-space, under-desk space and stacking. With the BigFoot Mobile Cart, your system is contained, safe and secure. It can simply be plugged into a power outlet and ready for use. With the edition of our Flexible Monitor and Laptop Mounts as well as our Optional "Flexi-panel" connection panels, maximum flexibility to integrate easily into existing networks of data and media of any sort can be achieved. With the need to mix movable products, such as laptops and other technology, with fixed use products such as networks, the BigFoot Mobile Cart makes it a breeze. 
Remote Setup

Fast setup at remote locations

BigFoot Mobile Carts' optional equipment wiring packages allow you to quickly move and set up your personal workstation without having to deal with technical hook ups and a mess of wires. This has also proven to minimize failures because of bad connections and wrong connections to the equipment.
Display Cart Mobile Layout


With BigFoot’s Flat Free tires and full pneumatic wheels, you can easily travel the roughest terrain both indoors and out making it the perfect choice for virtually any application. The cushioning effect of air is unbeatable in any wheel type! We have also researched the best products available so BigFoot is as durable as possible over the long term. We want you to see and feel the difference. Our clients have commented about the noticeable difference between other equipment carts they have owned, the very first time they roll their new BigFoot around. 
Audio, Video, & Power Plugins


BigFoot MobileCarts offer unparalleled convenience of use. With simple power and A/V plug in options, you are ready to go. We use only Twist Locking power connections for the ultimate in durability and safety.
Turn Key System


Are you sick of tangled wires, tacky equipment cases and stacks of equipment littering your office space? BigFoot attractively houses your equipment and gives your production space a professional, streamlined feel. We have 10 standard laminates with hundreds of optional looks. We can help you create a matching look with your current facility or furniture, or help you design something unique. Feel free to give us a call or email us at doug@bigfootmobilecarts.com. OffHollywood's Mobile Cart


Because Bigfoot Mobile Carts incorporate standardized 19” equipment mounting and spacing on the front and rear as well as security doors, top deck strapping options for computers, TV’s and projectors, etc., all items will move completely secured or mounted. See our Features and Options page for the different choices we have to secure your valuable gear in the rack or on the cart.

Do to the custom nature of Bigfoot Carts please call for pricing and more information. 714-374-4944